One Mission.

“Empower Women To Thrive”.




Ever since forever, I’ve been insatiably curious about human psychology, love, connection and personal growth.  What makes people genuinely happy, successful and fulfilled? Why do some people find things in life more challenging, while others find a way to shine no matter their circumstances? These questions just fire me up.

Connecting with people deeply and planting seeds of love totally lights me up! And it’s such an honour to offer my services and a space that has a positive impact on women all over the world!

But let me tell you, the road here has been wild, challenging, uncertain and oh so colourful. I was (and still am) curious and passionate about many different things. I’ve worn many hats, with a career history spanning across multiple fields, occupying various roles. From retail to healthcare, sales to administration, building websites, consulting, speaking and project management (just to name a few). I’ve said “yes” to many opportunities that scared the shiz out of me with an “I’ll figure it out later” kind of attitude . On the outside, it did not look like I knew where I was going at all… but deep in my heart and soul… I knew that it would all work out if I stayed true to myself and trusted the process. 

With a bohemian heart as my guide and a curious and analytical mind, it was a challenge following the traditional rules of family and society. I’ve broken most of the rules, proof that you just have to dance and flow your way. Because when you make decisions as your authentic self and learn to work with your heart and mind… you cultivate this courage, resilience and confidence that manifests successful outcomes. And as you continue to  invest in yourself and your future, you create this gorgeous ripple effect of positivity, joy and abundance in the world.


I believe that if you want to transform and thrive, you need to be open to being vulnerable and bring everything you’ve got, all of you to the table. That includes your unique talents, skills, personality, mind, body, heart and soul.

No matter what you’re dreaming of, the obstacles and challenges you’re experiencing, you absolutely have the power to transform your life and make an impact in this world! We need you to!

My commitment is to bring you the best of what I’m living and learning with honesty and integrity. To be the person for you, that I experienced in so many of those who supported me in my own journey. I’m definitely not perfect, but you can expect a whole lot of love, wisdom and ideas (that will either challenge or resonate with you), and also the support and resources to help you live a joyful, successful and meaningful life… the life you truly deserve.

Through all the closed doors, roadblocks and detours along the way, I am so grateful to be here to support you in your transformation – with so much more ease and flow.

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With Love and Gratitude,  

Faizah xxx


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