How do I sign up for coaching with you?

Simply fill in the contact form and book a complimentary clarity call so we can get to know each other better and see how I can help you. You can also learn more about my programs here 

Can I book face-to-face coaching sessions?

Most clients now prefer to connect by phone (via Signal or Zoom), so that they can free up more time in their schedule (no stress, no rushing to coaching sessions) and also experience the comfort of being in their own home.

However, in-person sessions are available on request if you are located on the Gold Coast, Australia, or if I happen to be in your part of the world.


Are coaching sessions confidential?

Absolutely, yes! This is highlighted in the Coaching Agreement. Information obtained during the course of our coaching relationship will not be disclosed without your permission.


How long until I see results?

Typically, you’ll see immediate improvements, progress or achievements within 8 weeks in the areas you focus on and where you are taking positive action towards your desired outcome.



Do you offer one-off coaching sessions?

In my experience, I’ve found that clients have a high success rate with my coaching packages which are specifically designed for us to work closely together to help you achieve your desired result. Additional ad-hoc coaching sessions are available exclusively to my coaching program graduates.


Do you offer coaching over six months or longer?

Yes I do.  Please reach out via the contact form on this page and we can schedule a time to discuss your needs and what will work best for you. Learn more about my coaching programs here


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, of course and I’m most happy to discuss what options work best for you.


Enquiries and Support

Please use the contact form above to get in touch for any enquiries or support requests.