If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re wildly capable of building the life you love and wake up every day so grateful beacuse you were willing to show up for yourself!

I believe that women who are willing to dive deep and invest the time to know what they want and have the courage to step into their magnificence, are unstoppable!

Here are my most transformational offers, because I am dedicated to helping you step into your power and CLAIM THE LIFE YOU DESERVE, ESPECIALLY given the state of the world right now (and because I’m feeling YOU, and in my heart I know that so many of us need more love in our life, the kind where we are so safe to be seen and heard)… and these offers are FIRE (in a big heartburst kind of way)!

There’s never been a BETTER time to INVEST IN YOUR SELF.  This is your opportunity to SAY YES TO YOU and create the ultimate safety net– the one you built yourself– PLUS unlock levels of happiness, abundance, freedom and the personal SUCCESS you’ve only dreamed of… until now. And this time, YOU WILL NOT BE DOING IT ALONE. 

So take a moment to feel into this and let your heart decide — there’s something for everyone, whether you’re just getting started, or have your sights set on the biggest expansion, transformation and success you’ve ever experienced… and you want all this for 2023 and beyond!

This is your invitation to Rewrite Your Story and Change Your Future.

Choose what calls you deeply and let’s do this!

transform and thrive

Align, Transform & Thrive

8-Week Program


Magnetic Life Mastery VIP

6-Month Intensive Program


Magnetic Life Mastery PLATINUM

8-Month Ultimate Program


Align, Transform & Thrive (8-Week Program)

Over 8 weeks, we’ll set up and empower you with the tools to become the best version of yourself, confident, brilliant and powerful. 

Learn more about how you can Align, Transform and Thrive here

Magnetic Life Mastery (6-Month Program)

Magnetic Life Mastery is a growth container, a transformational space to expand your vision and possibilities, a safe space to for you to be seen and heard, a space where you can find your voice and be both brilliant and imperfect as we work together to identify your inner barriers, discover your passions, gifts and genius; activate your superpowers and step into visibility and confidence, step into new stories and build a strong foundation and cultivate a holistic and sustainable approach to a successful and fulfilling life by your design.


Learn more about what’s possible for you and apply for Magnetic Life Mastery here

Ready to play even bigger?


THE ULTIMATE package that combines ATT & Magnetic Life Mastery, for 8 months of EPIC EXPANSION as you dive deep into self mastery and life design, elevating your potential  and AMPLIFYING YOUR SUCCESS. Magnetic Life Mastery PLATINUM is 100% on the table for you if you’re a woman that’s ready to go into full immersion on your personal success (that’s all areas of your life). This is my highest touch and most intimate coaching offer that is usually invite-only… where you can receive 8 months of fortnightly coaching (and more); so you can see ultra-VIP results with no barrier to access premium support.

If this is calling you, apply to go platinum here

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t. YOU ARE RIGHT.

Why not give “YOU CAN” a shot?

It’s impossible not to grow inside the ATT & Magnetic Life Mastery Programs.



“Why deprive yourself of such magic?! Your indecision is exactly why you need this program!”

“This program blew me away! Faizah’s professional and educated techniques are second to none. Complete LIFE changer! You would not believe how phenomenal I felt after Faizah’s sessions and this program! It’s like Faizah is magic! Truly life-changing✨.”

“Faizah genuinely wanted to learn about me and that allowed me the space to be my authentic self 💯 I never felt uncomfortable or judged in the sessions, she has such an angelic presence that I truly felt so safe with her. I was extremely surprised at how well she could retrieve information from my subconscious mind that I had withheld or suppressed to the point I had no idea certain subjects were there. I could have never brought forward the beautiful and amazing things we discovered together, without her ✨.”

“The sessions I did with Faizah were so powerful, that on a daily basis I can tap back into the core of each session and input the learnings into my everyday life. For eg; we’re I once would have felt totally overwhelmed and defeated, I can now think back to one of the sessions and it snaps me back to the teachings and I can then act from a more rational space, rather than automatically responding from an irrational, emotional whim. I also find meditating and visualisation a lot easier since my sessions with her.”

“This program has given me a Healthier mindset, I am more organised and have a deeper trust in the process of my life. There has been a massive shift in my habitual thinking patterns. From the negative, self-sabotaging thinking, to now; I now have a strong plan and vision for my future and that is allowing me to be in a receptive mode of receiving my vision and plans 😊.”

“I think the biggest impact has been in the way Faizah could reprogram my habitual thought patterns. It’s like she reconditioned my automatic responses to life to naturally respond to life in a healthier and more intentional way. And that is huge!”

C.S., Australia

“It’s changed my life, the best thing I’ve ever done. Literately every single session was mind-blowing. Each time I hung up that phone, I had to lie down on the ground and close my eyes and breathe. I was just so grateful every time that I got the chance to do this.”

“Prior to ATT, I felt lost within myself, I didn’t feel like I had much of a purpose other than just existing. I had no strategy, no direction as to where I was going within my career, and had lost my self-confidence. My relationships were suffering and my mental health was declining. I didn’t know how to create clear and strong boundaries and continuously let people overstep any little boundary I had. Today, I have a direction. My self-worth is back, I believe in myself and my capabilities again. I’m creating strong & healthy boundaries within all of my relationships. I know what I want out of my life and I know exactly how I’m going to get there. I am a better version of myself each and every day and I’ll keep growing and evolving because there is no quit.”

“So much of this has been deeply impactful, I’m crying right now writing this. Just to know within me that I am capable of achieving everything I dream of and being the most incredibly successful human that I can be. This program has grounded me and given me a second chance to prove to myself exactly what I am capable of.”

“I have broken a toxic cycle I never thought I’d have the strength to break.  I am more confident in myself within my career and have already proven my worth to myself with the opportunities that have arisen. I’m not afraid to create boundaries and voice them. I’m no longer holding onto things that aren’t in my control. I am focused on what I want, what I need and I am making steps each and every day to get to the ultimate goal.”

L.H., Australia

“The skills and tools you learn during the program are life changing.”

“My confidence has improved immensely, after seeing dreams come to fruition during the course I now have a stronger understanding of how the power of manifestation works, I’m more organised than I was prior to the course and I have dropped my fear of judgement.”

” I couldn’t speak more highly of this program with you Faiz. The deep dive in the sessions allowed me to go to places that were once triggers in my life and change my perception. I feel incredibly grateful to have had you in my corner supporting me through this journey of self-discovery. With the help of having a coach like you Faiz I have realised that I’m already living my life purpose, I am capable of anything that I put my mind to, I am worthy of success.”

“I loved working together with you Faiz, you have such a beautiful energy and I always felt safe and comfortable to open up and dive into different areas of my life. Working with you as my coach has helped me to look at my life in a different light and I will be forever grateful for that.”

E.M., Australia

Ready to make a change in your life?